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The need for strategic management and business model design in government and public administration

Published Online:pp 299-315

Creating values for citizens, businesses and government agencies through public service delivery are major goals for launching Electronic Government (EG), Mobile Government (MG) and Connected Government (CG) related strategies. The success of public strategies depends heavily on establishing clear cause-and-effect relationships among strategic objectives, action plans and performance measures, as well as on building efficient and effective service systems, business models and operational processes. As a central strategic task, business model design aims at depicting structural relationships and interactions among business constructs such as values, stakeholders, services, processes, resources, activities and mechanisms to assure better strategy effectiveness and performances. The goal of this special issue is to explore challenges and approaches regarding strategic management and business model design in government and public administration for successfully delivering EG, MG and CG services. This guest editors' introduction is to provide overviews on related concepts and research issues, as well as the accepted papers.


value creation, strategy formulation, performance measurement, government services, public administration, citizens, government agencies, public service delivery, cause-and-effect, strategic objectives, action plans, operational processes, structural relationships, structural interactions, business constructs, values, stakeholders, strategy effectiveness, electronic government, e-government, strategic management, business models, model design, mobile government, m-government, connected government