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Perceptions of residents toward e-waste reuse and recycling in selected villages in Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and China

Published Online:pp 506-520

The perceptions of residents toward e-waste management systems were studied by questionnaire surveys in two villages selected in each of Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and China. Analysis of the responses from the villages with and without practicing e-waste management systems showed that the villagers in China were most optimistic toward the conditions of their environment as opposed to those in Thailand. The villagers in Japan, however, were most knowledgeable about e-waste containing precious metals. Also, a comparison of the responses from villages with practicing e-waste management systems showed that a higher number of the villagers of Hong Ren Old Village (China) demonstrated more positive perceptions than Village #3 (Thailand) and Kamikatsu (Japan) toward the concern over their respective environmental conditions, the relationship between the increased use of electrical and electronic equipment and its effects on the environment, and the knowledge about e-waste laws and rules adopted.


perception, e-waste, reuse, recycling, questionnaire survey, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, China